What is the difference of Ornamento’s fashion jewellery to the ones in the market?

Unlike other mass-produced fashion jewellery, Ornamento’s jewellery uses pure base metals free of nickel and lead, accented with semi-precious stones. The high quality craftsmanship dedicated to each piece makes it distinct and incontestable. No two Ornamento pieces are exactly alike, making each piece unique and one of a kind.


How would I know if my jewellery is lead-free?

If you are like most people, just wearing jewellery with nickel or lead will irritate your skin and may even cause an allergic reaction. You’ll notice redness and itchiness just after a few minutes of wearing them. But if you’re fortunate to not have sensitive skin, here is a way to test your jewellery: Tap a magnet on the jewellery and if the magnet attaches, there is lead content.


Does your jewellery tarnish?

Only precious metals such as gold and platinum do not tarnish. But because of our unique process of gold and silver plating and anti-tarnish coating, it would take years before your Ornamento jewellery starts to tarnish. When needed, clean your Ornamento piece by gently wiping it with a soft cloth.

Where can we visit your stores and see your items?

We are strictly by appointment only as of now. For a preview of our pieces, please go to The Collections page of our website.

Do you customize jewellery?

We are open to customize jewellery for our clients. You may set a meeting and contact us at or at +639178686104.